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Data Privacy Policy

Updated: 16.07.2018

The aim of this data privacy policy (henceforth policy/document) is to provide information on how personal data is collected from you as a website visitor, student or ESN member as well as the reasoning behind the collection of data, connected to your interactions with ESN Riga. We ask you to read this document carefully to gain full knowledge of this policy.

Data Controller

The data controller that collects and processes data in this case is ESN Riga. ESN Riga is responsible for collecting correct and structured data in accordance to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Information about the Data Controller:

Reg. nr.:  40008077216
Address: Rīga, Raiņa bulvāris 19-9, LV-1050

Organization responsible on the implementation of this policy:

Kaspars Ābelnīca
Address: Rīga, Dreiliņu iela 18 - 109, LV-1046
Phone: +371 29360331

Collection of Personal Data and Its Usage

ESN Riga may collect your personal information in various situations. These situations will be outlined below. Data is collected about:

  • Members of ESN Riga - data is collected and stored for the period the natural person is an active member of the association. Data is collected about the members' names, surnames, personal id numbers, address,  and necessary contact information (phone number, fax, e-mail), written feedback, comments, correspondence and cookies on the website. This data is collected due to several reasons:

- Preparation of section documents
- Communication with members of the association, Erasmus/full-time/part-time international students (target audience)
- Dealing with financial matters

Revealing Personal Data to Third Parties

Personal data may be revealed to a third party in the following cases:

  • It is requested by legal acts and competent authorities (i.e. State Revenue Service)
  • To provide information about active members and their responsibilities to Erasmus students
  • When cooperating with external service providers/partners which, in turn, do not disseminate this information outside of their organization.
  • To legally authorized members of the association to foster cooperation and ensure the day-to-day function of ESN Riga
  • To legally authorized members of the association for analyzing the information about the visitors of the website based on anonymous cookies.

N.B. Information about the members of ESN Riga, students and website visitors are passed hander over outside of the EU only to other Erasmus Student Network AISBL member countries for the purposes of the programme and cooperation.

Data is stored as long it is necessary to carry out tasks and formalities or as required by state requirements and legislation.

RIghts of International Students and Members of the Association

As ESN Riga is collecting, structuring and processing your data, you have the right to access data connect to you within 30 days after submitting a written request, as well as request modifying or removing this data at any time. This does not apply to documents or data that is necessary for transactions or legal agreements. In the case your rights are not respected, you have the right to turn to the Latvia Data State Inspectorate.
Contact Information:

If your question relating to the data privacy policy of ESN Riga is not answered in this document, we kindly ask you to contact the organization responsible via e-mail (