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ESNcard is used in 37 countries by more than 120 000 people every year with numbers increasing every year. The primary objective of ESNcard is to support international students and provide them with opportunities during and after their exchange which is usually provided by discounts and vouchers.

Receiving an ESNcard

ESN Riga like many other sections gives exchange students a chance to apply for their very own ESNcard. 

An ESNcard can be attained by filling out the ESN Riga mailing list for the current semester (link) and visiting the ESN Riga Office at the University of Latvia (Raiņa blvd. 19, Room 177) during Office Hours to receive your card. The card costs fifteen euros and requires a photo. The card and its discounts are active the moment the card is received and registered at!

ESNcard Discounts

Discounts offered by ESN Riga to users of ESNcard can be divided into three groups:

  • Events & Trips - Having an ESNcard provides discounts for attending ESN Riga trips and events that are further enhanced by special offers from our partners during these events that are only available to cardholders.

  • Local Discounts - ESN Riga has numerous partners that provide discounts around Riga. They include cafes, bars, hotels, and bike rentals that have special offers with ESNcard.

  • International Discounts  - ESN Riga is a representative of Erasmus Student Network so ESNcards issued by our section can also be used to receive discounts from ESN international partners and the partner's of other ESN sections.

Further information about ESNcard and its discounts can be found at