Promotion of mobility is one of the key objective of the Erasmus Student Network. We believe it helps us towards a more inclusive and tolerant society that is united in a mobile environment. However, there is often a lack of information surrounding mobility which means that its advantages are often left undiscovered.

Erasmus Student Network Latvia has decided to do its part by organizing a National Mobility Week, aiming to share our experience and skills with local students in Latvia. It is all connected to a larger ESN campaign - Mov'in Europe. Mov'in Europe promotes mobility as a lifestyle through its network of experienced ambassadors, helping people in Europe to take their firsts steps towards a mobile environment.

As a part of the National Mobility Week, ESN Riga will be posting useful information about mobility on our website and our social media so, if you are a Latvian student that is still unsure about embracing mobility, be sure to check it out on a regular basis. Our section is also currently planning a selection of informative events that we will be announcing in the coming days.