From 7th to 10th of April ESN Riga will be participating in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be hosted in Warsaw, Poland. Bringing together  1200 students from 38 countries, AGM is the biggest students conference of its kind in Europe. The goal of this event is not just to discuss the future of the network, but to also broader role of internationally minded youth in the EU.

The main attraction will, of course, be the flag parade members of the Erasmus Student Network will march through the streets of Warsaw to celebrate its values and the dream of a mobile, interculturally connected Europe. It is an experience unlike any other and is the moment where you feel immense gratification for what you do every day. 

ESN Riga is excited that it has been given the opportunity to share its ideas and values and have a direct impact on the future of ESN and international students in general and will be doing its very best to represent its home HEI - the University of Latvia. The Infomarket that will be organized on Saturday will be chance to meet the students of Warsaw and invite them to consider going  to Latvia for the study exchange.


See the official press release for more information!