Erasmus Student Network Riga works with active, educated and well-motivated students that come to Riga for an unforgettable exchange experience. We can offer companies or organisations access to a unique customer base, branding and visibility from the largest student association in Europe - Erasmus Student Network and also the chance to attract a future workforce of internationally minded, young professionals.

Our partnerships agreements are made with you in mind, putting a focus on your organisation's mission, aims and values.

Why cooperate with ESN Riga?

  • Link to international students

    ESN Riga works with 600 students every year, working towards facilitating their integration into the host country by offering various activities and services to them during their exchange. By supporting ESN, you can contribute towards our goal of a Europe united in tolerance and understanding.

  • New image for your organisation

    Being a partner of ESN demonstrates your involvement in the future of Europe and its youth, an expression of support for future of young people and youth mobility which will create a positive public image for your company.

  • ESNcard

    ESNcard is the membership card of the Erasmus Student Network, currently used by over 120 000 students in 37 countries. The card is used by all ESN sections and gives students the chance to benefit from unique partnerships, offers and discounts on the local, national and international level. Since 2012, ESN has used as the central hub of the project, providing international visibility to all its partners.

Contact us

ESN is looking for partners that see value in having international, multicultural and multilingual teams working together, much like ESN. Furthermore, we are looking for partners that wish to support the work of ESN and thus, international mobility, educational exchange and intercultural dialogue

Please contact ESN Riga at for further enquiries.


ESN Riga is a non-profit, non-political and non-partisan youth organisation that operates under Latvian law. The support provided by our partners is related strictly to our projects and services aimed towards our network and international students and not to our organisation. The views expressed in our projects, surveys, articles and publications do not reflect the views of our partners.



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