Coming to study in another country is not only a life changing event, but also a challenge; every country has its own customs, culture and way of leading day-to-day life. Therefore it is crucial to have a person that you can rely on during your exchange which is why many ESN sections are directly involved in the management of buddy/mentor systems at their home university. ESN Riga is no exception - we provide buddies for incoming exchange students at the University of Latvia, working tightly together with our friends at the University of Latvia of International Relations Department. If you're a student at the University of Latvia and wish to become part of the magic that is ESN, we would greatly appreciate if you considered becoming a buddy for an incoming exchange student.

Becoming a buddy

ESN Riga organizes buddies for each individual semester at the university. The process begins with a buddy seminar where we inform students on how to become a buddy and what are the responsibilities of being one. The seminar is followed by a two week registration period where volunteers are able to fill out registration form and become a buddy. Afterwards, ESN Riga sends out the contact information of incoming students to their respective buddies. It is then their job to contact the students and help them anyway they can.

Responsibilites of a buddy

  • Help students reach their dorm or flat once they arrive in Latvia
  • Assist them with registrating at the University of Latvia
  • Acompany them when they open a Latvian bank account, carrier plan etc.
  • Answer questions about Riga and the university
  • Make them feel as a part of the University of Latvia

In the case of any questions be sure to contact the ESN Riga Buddy System Coordinator at!